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Welcome to SLYR Games!

SLYR Games introduced one of the first decentralized game that aims to integrate cryptocurrency with the classic and most nostalgic massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Through this new system, not only does it indulge players in the fun and competitiveness of online gaming; but also gives them the opportunity to able to earn and meet new acquaintances.

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How to play to earn?

One way to earn with RO Slayers is by simply playing the game for FREE. While being a $SLYR Token Holder is the most efficient and effective way to earn in our ecosystem. Learn more from our docs.


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Are you a P2E gaming enthusiast or a KOL/influencer? The SLYR Games team is on the lookout for local celebrities to serve as ambassadors and streamers in their respective countries. Are you a frequent user of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Telegram, and you have your own crypto/p2e group? You all set to spread the word about RO Slayers by sharing and promoting it on social media.

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Server Rankings

Rank Player Name Kills Streaks
1 Bjou 210 10
2 JunningSWORD 183 16
3 CashPoints 168 18
4 JeeAr 111 6
5 Razz 72 9
6 jheycee27 60 5
7 Caster 55 7
8 lesterpog7 51 3
9 1Eyed 50 6
10 B J O U 49 7